A former Family Consumer Education teacher, Mary Alice strives to provide professional instruction in a helpful friendly atmosphere.  Step-by-step instructional handouts are included to support attendees both during and after the workshop when those pesky “what did she say?” questions occur.   Recommended class size is 20 students.  More than that would be an additional charge.  Ask for details.

Fee Schedule:  $175 for 3 hour workshop, $300 for 6 hour workshop, $150 for 1 hour lecture

Meals/mileage/lodging if needed




Faces in Fabric

Henry & OpaAre you tempted to tackle a portrait?  Never fear – you need not be an artist!  A photo provides your starting point.  This power point presentation reveals the process of turning that photo into a fabric portrait.  Accompanying portrait quilts and handouts will inspire and guide your efforts.

From Photo to Fabric

photo2fabricA one-hour digital slide and trunk show demonstrating a simple method of transforming your photos into fabric art.  Your computer and printer can be used to create a master pattern and pattern templates and like a jigsaw puzzle the pieces come together to replicate the photo.  Sewing is also the quilting in this technique.